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Worship centers in Scioto County, Ohio

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  • All Saints Episcopal Church (christian)
    Court Street
  • Apostolic Brethren Church (christian)
    Washington Boulevard South
  • Apostolic Gospel Church (christian)
    Jackson Avenue
  • Apostolic Gospel Church (christian)
    Jackson Street
  • Apostolic Tower of Faith Church (christian)
    Young Street
  • Beech Fork Church (christian)
  • Berea Church (christian)
    Rocky Fork Road
  • Berean Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Winchester Street
  • Bethel Church (christian)
    Malone Cox Road
  • Big Run Church (christian)
    Big Run Road
  • Big Run Church (christian)
    Big Run Road
  • Bloom Church (christian)
    Great Meadow Road
  • Blue Run Church (christian)
    Blue Run Road
  • Bonser Run Church (christian)
    Bonser Run Road
  • Boulevard Church (christian)
    Cedar Street
  • Bussey Hill Chapel (christian)
    Bussey Road
  • Calvary Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Hutchins Avenue
  • Calvary Chapel (christian)
    Logan Street
  • Candy Run Church (christian)
    Huston Hollow-Candy Run Road
  • Candy Run Tabernacle
    Lucasville-Minford Road
  • Careys Run Church (christian)
    Bellamy Road
  • Central Baptist Church (christian)
  • Central Church of Christ (christian)
    Grandview Avenue
  • Central Presbyterian Church (christian - presbyterian)
    23rd Street
  • Christ Community Church (christian - christian)
  • Christ Community Church (christian)
    25th Street, 2433 45662 PORTSMOUTH
  • Church of Christ (christian)
    Harding Avenue
  • Church of Christ (christian)
    Grant Street
  • Copasville Church (christian)
  • Cornerstone United Methodist Church (christian - methodist)
  • Crowe Hollow Church (christian)
    Ghost Hollow Road
  • Dry Run Chapel (christian)
    Shepherd Fork Road
  • Dunlap Church (christian)
    Dunlap Road
  • Eifort Church (christian)
    West Main Street
  • Evangel Temple Assembly of God Church (christian)
    Gay Street
  • Evangelical United Church of Christ (christian - evangelical)
    Washington Street
  • Fairview Church (christian)
    Piketon Road
  • Fallen Timber Church (christian)
    Millers Run-Fallen Timber Road
  • Findlay Street United Methodist Church (christian)
    13th Street
  • First Christian Church (christian)
    3rd Street
  • First Christian Church (christian)
    Gay Street
  • First Church of God (christian)
    Gallia Street
  • First Church of the Nazarene (christian)
    Brown Street
  • First Lutheran Church (christian - lutheran)
    Grant Street
  • First Presbyterian (christian)
    3rd Street
  • First Presbyterian Church (christian - presbyterian)
    3rd Street
  • First United Methodist Church (christian)
    7th Street
  • Franklin Avenue United Methodist Church (christian)
    Logan Street
  • Frederick Church (christian)
    Frederick Road
  • Free Church (christian)
    Kentucky Trail Haines Road
  • Gateway Church (christian - protestant)
    6th Street
  • Germany Hollow Church (christian)
    Germany Hollow Road
  • Ginat Creek Church (christian)
    Junior Furnace-Powellsville Road
  • Grace Church (christian)
  • Grace Community Church (christian)
    Washington Street, 415
  • Greater Emmanuel Temple
    14th Street
  • Hamilton Church (christian)
    Herman Road
  • Harmon-salt Creek Church (christian)
    Dry Fork Road
  • Harrison Church (christian)
  • Harrison Fellowship Hall (christian - baptist)
    Kendall Road
  • Harrison Freewill Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Kendall Road
  • Harrison Furnace Church (christian)
    Shumway Hollow Road
  • Henley Church (christian)
  • Hills Chapel (christian)
    Rocky Fork Road
  • Hills Church (christian)
    Rocky Fork Road
  • Hoffer Hill Church (christian)
    Adkins-Hoffer Hill Road
  • Holy Redeemer Catholic Church (christian - catholic)
    Glover Street
  • Holy Redeemer Church (christian - catholic)
  • House of God
    Findlay Street
  • Houston Hollow Church (christian)
  • Immanuel Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Pine Street
  • Intermission Campus Ministry
    4th Street
  • Junior Furnace Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Junior Road
  • Kingdom Hall Jehovahs Witnesses
    17th Street
  • Life Point (christian)
    10th Street
  • Lily Chapel (christian)
    Turkey Foot Road
  • Long Run Church (christian)
    Borders Road
  • Mabert Road Baptist Church (christian - baptist)
    Mabert Road
  • Mackletree Mission
    Mackletree Road
  • Madison Missionary Church (christian)
  • Manly United Methodist Church (christian)
    Grandview Avenue
  • Maybert Road Babtist (christian)
    Mabert Road
  • McKendree Church (christian)
  • Meads Church (christian)
    Mead McNeer Road
  • Midland Church (christian)
  • Milldale Church (christian)
    Milldale Road
  • Miller Run Church (christian)
    Millers Run-Fallen Timber Road
  • Minford Bible Baptist Church (christian - christian)
    West Street
  • Minford Community Church (christian - non-denominational)
    Lucasville-Minford Road 45653 Minford
  • Minford Nazarene Church (christian - nazarene)
  • Mount Carmel Church (christian)
    Carver Road
  • Mount Carmel Church (christian)
  • Mount Hope Church (christian)
    Clinton Furnace Road
  • Mount Lebanon Baptist Chapel (christian - baptist)
    17th Street
  • Nauvoo United Methodist Church (christian - methodist)
    5th Street
  • New Boston First Church of the Nazarene (christian)
    Rhodes Avenue
  • New Boston United Methodist Church (christian)
    Glenwood Avenue
  • Ohio Avenue Christian Church (christian)
    Ohio Avenue
  • Old Hoffer Hill Church (christian)
    Rarden-Hazelbaker Hill Road
  • Oldtown Church (christian)
  • Oswego Church (christian)
    Tick Ridge-Koenig Hill Road