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Worship centers in Morgan County, Ohio

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  • Antioch Church (christian)
    Comstock Road
  • Bailey Church (christian)
  • Bethel Ridge Apostolic Tabernacle (christian)
  • Bishopville Church of Christ (christian)
  • Bristol Presbyterian Church (christian)
    Bristol Church Road
  • Carmel Church (christian)
    East Neelysville Road Northeast
  • Centerville Community Church (christian)
    Center Church Road
  • Chapel Church (christian)
  • Chesterhill Church of the Nazarene (christian)
  • Chesterhill United Methodist Church (christian - methodist)
    Coal Street
  • Church of the Nazarene (christian)
  • Crossroads Church (christian)
  • Deerfield Presbyterian Church (christian)
  • East Branch Church (christian)
  • Ebenezer Mennonite Church (christian)
    Eagleport Lane
  • Ebenezer United Methodist Church (christian)
  • Emery Church (christian)
  • Fairview Church (christian)
    Kirkpatrick Lane
  • Fairview Mission
  • Ferndale Methodist Church (christian)
    Hixson Lane
  • First Presbyterian Church (christian - presbyterian)
    East Liberty Avenue
  • Grace Methodist Church (christian)
    South 9th Street
  • Hopewell Church (christian)
  • Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church (christian - lutheran)
  • Joy Christian Church (christian)
  • Lebanon United Methodist Church (christian)
  • Liberty Hill Methodist Church (christian)
  • Main Street Christian Church (christian)
    West Main Street
  • Malta Methodist Church (historical) / Par Mar Store 5 (christian)
    Main Street
  • McKendree United Methodist Church (christian)
  • Meigs Church of Christ (christian)
  • Mount Carmel United Methodist Church (christian)
  • Mount Olive Church (christian)
  • Mount Olive Church (christian)
    South Elliott Road
  • Mount Olivet Church (christian)
  • Mount Zion Bible Christian Church (christian)
  • Oakland United Methodist Church (christian)
    Johnson Ridge Road
  • Pennsville Church of Christ (christian)
  • Pennsville United Methodist Church (christian)
  • Pisgah United Methodist Church (christian)
  • Pisgah United Methodist Church (christian)
  • Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Church (christian)
    Pleasant Grove Lane
  • Pleasant Hill Church (christian)
  • Reinersville Methodist Church (christian)
  • Ringgold Free Methodist Church (christian)
  • Rose Farm Church of Christ (christian)
  • Saint James Roman Catholic Church (christian - catholic)
    East Bell Avenue
  • Seventh Street Church of Christ (christian)
    East Union Avenue
  • Smiths Chapel United Methodist Church (christian)
  • Solomon Evangelical Lutheran Church (christian - lutheran)
  • Tabor Church of Christ (christian)
  • Todds Methodist Church (christian)
    Todds Road
  • Triadelphia Church of Christ (christian)
  • Triadelphia Methodist Church (christian)
  • Trinity Methodist Church (christian)
    North 11th Street
  • United Brethren Church (christian)
  • Wolf Creek Church of Christ (christian)
    West Buck Run Road
  • Wrightsville Bible Christian Church (christian)
    South Wrightstown Road